Private Equity Placement

We maintain long-term relationships with brand name Chinese companies and capital providers looking for accretive investments abroad. we develop a criteria to identify growth-stage companies and real estate developers seeking capital that are likely to result in successful equity partnerships with our network of investors. We bridge good quality companies that need funding for growth and development to global investors.


M&A Advisory 

We proactively  identify potential international acquisition candidates. Our M&A team includes experienced private equity professionals well versed in global acquisitions. We look for good quality companies that have culture and finance matches to our investors.


China Strategic Advisory Services

Members in our team have spent over over 10 years working as executive in  China. We have deep understandings of cultures and business practices in China.We have a deep and long-standing network of China's company executives, investors, government officials, and industry stakeholders. We advise companies on market entry, operation set-up including but not limited to legal,HR and accounting, formation of strategic partnerships and M&A strategies.